How To Improve Cracks On Building Materials Materials Building Walls

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Many things can cause cracked wall problems. Before performing a cracked wall repair, it is important for us to know the cause of the crack itself. Below is the most rapid checking of the various cracks that occur in red brick, concrete brick and light brick and the best method to fix it. The cause of structural cracking caused by structural movement inside the “Non Structural” wall area. This can be avoided / prevented by the correct construction method.

1. Structure Walls Structures on Brick-Plaster and Acian

Cause: Structural movement due to foundation, deflection (start shrinking) beams or earthquakes. In cracks like this, brick inside the wall is usually broken, until the crack occurs in the plaster and the acian. The cracks that occur are usually perpendicular or diagonally sideways. Crack crack will open when the structure moves again.


Improvements: It should be made a small gap between the wall with the top beam to reduce the pressure, fill the gap with styrofoam / rubber then to disguise it can be covered with wood or gypsum lis. Open the crack approximately 1cm wide to the brick, then fill the crack gap with a 1: 5 cement mortar with 4 $ polymer added, after 3 days close and neatly slit open the previous plaster with TR30 White Acid and 4% polymer.

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