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Tips on fixing, rearranging, decorating, and renovating old homes by looking at broken parts and how to overcome them. Old houses that are half a century old, or even hundreds of years old, have such a strong character, which sometimes attracts some people to live in it. However, because it has old age, natural when many parts and corners of homes that have been damaged, dull, even disappeared.

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Some of us may get our parents’ house inheritance, and our parents tell us to live in that place. If the old house is still in a state of well-kept, certainly not a problem. Another case if the house is an old house that has long not occupied, would be a lot of problems and damage that occurred. Identify problems surrounding old homes, broken parts of old houses, and how to repair and renovate the old house.

1. Problems on ceilings, floors, walls, and supporting poles

Old houses that are not occupied usually leave the main problem, namely the broken ceiling and dirty floors and slightly cracked. In addition, sometimes accompanied by walls – walls that are slightly cracked and overgrown with moss. If this happens to your old house, then a thorough cleaning and replacement is required. For the ceiling and the cracked floor, of course we must remove it one by one, then we can replace it with a new one.

As for the cracked wall, we can overcome by patching and strengthening it again with cement. But if the crack is severe enough, of course, the wall needs to be torn down before it strikes the people who are nearby. After the old wall finishes torn down, you can build a new wall.


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